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Regarding our 2023 German concerts:

UPDATE (17 May): If your tickets have not been resolved, PLEASE BRING YOUR TICKETS TO THE CONCERT. We will arrange seats for you when you arrive. Please have patience with us, as the producer is offering this service to accommodate everyone. We will do our best to receive you and get you seated as quickly as possible. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY.


Please note that there will be a small 10 Euro fee at the door to cover costs for arranging new tickets, and that the location of your new seats may not match your old seats. 

PLEASE READ ... Important details below if you are already on the list and waiting.

Our new producer has kindly offered to help us with offering a limited number of tickets for the concerts in 2023. We have just released more tickets now. PLEASE BRING YOUR TICKETS IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED NEW TICKETS.

If you purchased tickets from satnam.de, These tickets are transferrable to our concerts in 2023. Please contact Satnam Versand at info@satnam.eu with any questions. These tickets are valid.

You can now bring the tickets from 2020-2022 canceled concerts and receive new tickets at the door. It will not be the same seats. 

You should have received an email with a code to process your new ticket. If you did not receive the email, please come to the concert (or workshop if you prefer) and we will assist you when you arrive. Please come early.

If you are on the waiting list, Please come to the concert or workshop with your concert ticket. We will let you in to your choice of concert or workshop (not both, one or the other). Please come early.


We have arranged with our new producer to set aside 50 tickets at each 2023 concert in Germany: Berlin, Cologne, and Stuttgart. These tickets will be available for people who have been affected by the 2020-2022 Germany concerts that were canceled. Please email snatamkaurgermany@gmail.com with your proof of ticket receipt from 2020-2022 by May 12, 2023 to take advantage of this offer. If you already took advantage of our offer below to attend one of our events in 2022, you are not eligible for this 2023 offer. 

If you purchased a ticket from Sat Nam Versand (Satnam.de) those tickets are still valid. Please contact them by email here if you bought tickets from them: info@satnam.eu


Thank you,

Snatam Kaur

Below is our statement along with our 2020-2022 Germany producer Julia Dybe.

The following statements have been prepared for all ticket holders for our 2022 German concerts that were canceled, and who did not receive a refund or the possibility to transfer their tickets to future concerts.  We were not given the email list for all of these ticket holders, and so we do not have a direct way of communicating to them.  If you have friends who may have been affected by this situation, please forward both of these statements to them. 

From Our 2022 Germany Concert Producer Julia Dybe:


Dear Customers of SoulEvents,


When the lockdown happened in 2020, I had to use profits from the Snatam Kaur concerts for my own living expenses. I started living from this money in the lockdown, always thinking I could catch up with new projects. In the end, it was just too long, and I had to face the fact that it was too late.


After months of trying to find a better solution, I can no longer keep SoulEvents running. I am currently preparing the bankruptcy application with the support of a Berlin charity. In order to be included as a creditor in this, I have to add you to the list of creditors. If you want to add yourself to the list, please send me: name, address, e-mail, and claim amount to: erstattung@soulevents.info


I would like to apologize to all those who have been affected by this.


As soon as the insolvency application has been filed, you will be contacted directly by the insolvency administrator.


Kind regards, 

Julia Dybe




From Snatam and Sopurkh:

We are deeply saddened by this situation in Germany, and are holding everyone affected by it in our hearts: all the ticket holders who have not received a refund or the possibility of transfer for the cancelled concerts.

We stand with Julia in support of her journey. By taking responsibility the way she has done here in her letter, we recognize that this is a step forward. She could have blamed the pandemic, the German government, etc, and that would have been a step backward.


We know this bankruptcy process will take some time. Let’s have compassion please. It is not easy to admit that you have made mistakes and are learning. Our expectation at this point is that the refund amount will be very small.


We are very grateful to Elke in Belgium, Daniel in Zurich, Lu in Prague, and Jeroen & Danielle in Amsterdam - without you we wouldn't have been able to offer the free events in our 2022 tour for affected German ticket holders. 


We intend to come back to Germany in 2023, and are working with an entirely new production company who is setting these concerts up. For all ticket buyers who purchased their 2020 concert tickets through Sat Nam Versand, your tickets will be transferable to these future concerts.


Humbly yours,

Snatam & Sopurkh

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