Reestablish Self-Esteem and Honor with “Darashan Maago”

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Photograph: Marina Zinovyeva

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One of the greatest struggles that we, as human beings, grapple with on a daily basis – in many shapes and forms – is low self-esteem. It is the cause of deep loneliness to intense power struggles, and everything in between.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines self-esteem as confidence and satisfaction in oneself.

But, I like to take a play on words and say that low self-esteem is a lack of steam within the self, a lack of something on the stove that is cooking and brewing within. If there is anything that I have learned in this life it is that you’ve got to be in yourself. “Stuck in the ribcage,” Yogi Bhajan my spiritual teacher used to call it. Most of the time, we’d prefer to be anywhere but the Self.

To serve this purpose, we have a wonderful array of distractions that we as a humanity have been working on for thousands of years and now have come to an incredible advancement and real tipping point. What are we tipping into? Well, unfortunately, we are tipping into absolute insanity. The good news is that where there is the possibility of insanity, because of the natural law of opposites that exist within our Universe, there is the real possibility of sanity too. Where is the sanity? It’s right inside.

Go inside.

Alright, now we are inside, right?

And, well, it’s boring. Just downright boring. Been there, done that. Deep breath, yada yada, and all that good new age stuff. No thank you.

That’s what most people conclude, and then they go back into the drama and trauma of low self-esteem and running on empty.

Here’s a way that I’ve discover, to make that inner experience absolutely delicious.

Sing! And not just any song will do. There is a sacred poem by Guru Arjan, the 5th Guru of the Sikhs who lived in Northern India from 1563-1606, that has given me incredible energy. When one sings it in the correct combination of rhythm and pronunciation, the neurons change in the brain, messages of well-being pulsate throughout the body, and within minutes, you’re in. Right inside . . . right with the Beloved . . . the Self . . . the love of your life. It is a technology called Shabad Guru, where the specific result of singing a series of sounds brings you into a higher state of consciousness. And it works. In particular, this Shabad, called “Darashan Maago,” can be sung when one feels low self-esteem as a tool to rise up out of that sensation into self-identity, honor, and distinction.

We’ll explore a little about why it does that. First of all, I invite you to take a moment to read the words of this sacred poem:

jis neech ka-u ko-ee na jaanai That wretched being, whom no one knows

naam japat ouh(u) chahu kunṯ maanai Chanting the Naam, the Name of God, he is honored in the four directions

darashan maago dayh(i) pi-aaray Oh Beloved, please give me the blessing of Thy Presence

tumaree sayvaa ka-un ka-un na taaray ||1|| rahaa-u || Serving You, who, who has not been delivered across the challenges of the world? ||1||Pause||

jaa kai nikaṯ na aavai ko-ee That person, whom no one comes near,

sagal sri