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A Meditation to Bring Equilibrium

We are of heaven and earth

When the two meet and merge within

That is our equilibrium

My mother is a powerful teacher for me. Recently she taught me about the following mantra, and I have been sharing it with my online Mantra & Meditation class. It has brought me an incredible amount of peace and so I’d like to share it with you as an antidote during these crazy times.

Sa Ray Sa Sa 

Sa Ray Sa Sa 

Sa Ray Sa Sa Sa Rang

Har Ray Har Har

Har Ray Har Har

Har Ray Har Har Har Rang

Sa: Infinite, Totality, God, Ether

Ray: Oh, exclamation point

Rang: dye, color, rapture, love, pleasure

Har: Creativity of God, destruction of God, on this earth plane

The first half of the mantra is a meditation on Sa, which is our infinite nature.  The second half is a meditation on Har, which is how the Divine manifests through us on the earth plane.  

A beautiful meditation to practice with this is as follows:

Sit in easy pose, hands in Buddhi Mudra, with the thumb tip covering the pinky finger nails. Sit in stillness, with the eyes focused at the third eye point, the point between the eye brows. Chant this Mantra for 11-31 minutes. 

My experience in chanting this is that by moving back and forth between the concepts of Sa and Har, it strengthens the energetic architecture within, bringing peace to our heavenly nature and our earthly nature. The thoughts of the mind are actually of heavenly nature, being of the ether element. This is beautiful to realize, as sometimes thoughts can take over, and actually the best antidote is to come back into the body realm, by feeling our blood flow and heart-beat. This Mantra creates a love relationship with both realms, as we dive in to each, until equilibrium can be reached, when the two meet at the equilibrium point, which I found to be at the third eye. 

I welcome you to join us for our Mantra and Meditation class this coming Wednesday. We will have one at least one more class on this mantra. And I welcome you to join me this fall to experience the beauty of my mother’s teaching style first-hand. I am so grateful to her for giving me insight into this mantra that I have sung for much of my life, and loved, but didn’t really understand why until now. She and I are teaching two poems from the Sikh tradition, Dhan Dhan Raam Daas Gur to experience transformation and miracle, and Mera Man Lochai to experience the Beloved within.

Nirankar has launched another 8 week series - Get Well & Stay Well Naturally begins which Thursday Sept 10 at 11am EDT. She heard you! This new time is now accessible to Europe and the West coast. 

We are continuing with our live-stream meditations on Facebook and Instagram, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 10:45 am east coast. And we have ongoing online Kundalini and Mantra classes with my husband and I, tabla course and classes with the lovely Sukhmani, and Therapeutic yoga with Nirankar - all on www.kirtanandkundalini.com.

May equilibrium be with you! 


Snatam (with loving support from Sopurkh, Jap Preet and Francis)

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