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It’s the little steps that set you free!

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I invite you to join me, if you fly for your work like I do, or have a carbon footprint of any kind, to offset your carbon footprint!  We found a company called Terrapass, but there’s others as can be seen in this article by the Washington Post. Terrapass has a number of 3rd party certified projects underway that create renewable energy, with many of these projects destroying green house gases in the process. I am excited about all of their projects but especially one that captures green house gases created in landfills and turns them into usable electricity!!! Wow. 

We just calculated our carbon footprint created from flying myself and our band all over the world and heating our house for 2019. Terrapass calculated our carbon footprint, and we donated money to them to offset that footprint. (And by the way, heating the house was a massively larger footprint then all that flying!)

We are passionate about getting the energy of sacred chant to people for healing, and this work feels important right now. But, flying in order to get to all the places we travel to, felt out of balance.

So, I am grateful that my family and I could take this small step. It feels great being a part of the soulution. And yes I did mean to spell it that way:) 

Photo by Alejandro Santiago. 


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