New Moon and New Online School

We wish all the beautiful papas out there a happy Father’s Day. May you be blessed with peace and joy today.


And happy new moon everyone. May this be a time of sacred beginnings. It is for us!

My husband and I are to the moon and back excited to share with you our new online Kirtan and Kundalini School. It’s been our dream for many years now to have a yoga center/school. After trying a number of different ways of manifesting this dream on the physical plane, we finally just let go of it. Who knew that the COVID 19 pandemic would open the way for this school to manifest? Directly after coming back from our European tour which was postponed, my husband and I began to figure out how we could offer online classes, to share what we know of finding inner strength and inspiration. Right from our living room we began to broadcast our classes, and from that very first class, we forged heart centering relationships with people from all over the world. We became a community, supporting each other, and experiencing the sacred teachings of Kundalini yoga and mantra together. It became apparent that a lot was possible online, and this opened up a whole new world to us. We began to realize that we could offer so much to people, at a very low cost to them, for courses that would normally be much more expensive in person because of the cost of travel, housing, and the teaching space costs. This realization felt amazing, as we had been receiving inquiries from people who wanted to attend our courses but could not afford to. In addition, we had been receiving so many invitations from people all over the world to come and teach in their localities, and we couldn’t possibly fulfill all of those requests. Our hearts definitely wanted to share with so many more people than what was possible in person. And now, that vision is finally coming to fruition.

So, here’s what it’s all about. We will continue with our live online Mantra and Meditation class with me and Kundalini Yoga classes with Sopurkh. We have set up a member service for our regulars, and they will have a lowered rate to these classes, in addition to many other benefits. One such benefit is access to our library of classes, so if you love a particular class and you want to practice it throughout the week, you can access the video and practice along. We also have new music, that only members get to hear, such as our new live in concert recordings! In addition to our membership program we will have Therapeutic Kundalini Yoga available through 1 to 1 sessions, live group classes, and a live eight-week series, for people with existing health conditions taught by Kundalini Yoga therapist Nirankar Kaur. And here is where a drum role is needed…(!) We will have music classes and courses available !!! That is the Kirtan part of the website. Coming this September, we will have a live Beginner Harmonium Course with myself, Sat Tara (a lovely lady who has been teaching with me for a couple of years now) and my mother Prabhu Nam Kaur (a beautiful teacher and musician), followed by an Intermediate Harmonium Course in the winter. We will have 1 to 1 private tabla lessons available with Sukhmani Kaur (who tours with me for our concerts and is an incredibly talented musician and teacher), along with a live Group Tabla Class with Sukhmani for people wanting to learn how to play tabla in accompaniment style for Kirtan. Please check out our new website/online school for more information! I couldn’t have enough exclamation marks here folks. We are excited to share our new baby!

Please check it out!

Sat Naam!

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