This new book is an introduction to the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan for Women. It focuses on the identity of woman as Infinite, the reality of woman as a healer and a nurturer, and the life of a woman in relationship. The women's teachings are a vast area, so we have compiled a selection of lectures that touch on the fundamental disciplines and core principles of the graceful woman in the Aquarian Age. Each part consists of a dozen or more edited lectures of Yogi Bhajan as well as stories, comments, and experiences from women who studied directly with Yogi Bhajan throughout the years.

Part I: I Am a Woman: Infinity, Divinity, Dignity
Part II: Woman Is Invincible: Healer, Leader, Nurturer
Part III: Sacred Feminine and the Divine Mother: Creative Consciousness and the Longing to Merge
Part IV: Beauty Begins Within: Personal Discipline and the Graceful Woman

I Am A Woman - Creative, Sacred & Invincible Book

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