Meditation of the Soul: Jap Ji Daily Practice & Learning Tool by Snatam Kaur is a book and 2 CD set designed as an aid to all levels of students to strengthen their practice with Jap Ji. This must-have meditation tool is for anyone who would like to deepen their meditation practice by learning Jap Ji, Guru Nanak’s Meditation of the Soul. Experience your own enlightenment as your soul awakens in the recitation of these sacred words. The set includes: Jap Ji Daily Practice Book: * Pronunciation guide * Benefits of each Pauri * Jap Ji in the original Gurmukhi, translation, and transliteration Jap Ji Double CD: Disc One - * Melodic recitation of Jap Ji * Tantric recitation of Jap Ji (alternate male-female recitation) Disc Two contains an extended instructional call and response practice to aid you in the mastering of Jap Ji.

Meditation of the Soul

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