This is for every teacher of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan®, and for everyone on the spiritual path. In July of 1996 and April of 1997, Yogi Bhajan did what he loved best - training Kundalini Yoga teachers - in Master's Touch programs in Española, New Mexico and Assisi, Italy

His enthusiasm for this, his stated mission, is apparent in the compelling lectures from these courses which make up this masterpiece of instructive wisdom.

Yogi Bhajan told the student-teachers, "You are born to be a Teacher, and shall teach, but in His Name, and to all, big and small." The class meditated daily with Yogi Bhajan to develop these attributes and more: Tuning into Your Aura, Meditate on Your Self as a Yogi, Discover the Beauty & Heaven Within, Experience the Essence of a Teacher, Develop the Guidance of the Soul, Healing Breath Formula, Elevated Caliber of a Spiritual Teacher and Opening the Lock of the Heart Center.

The Master's Touch - On Being a Sacred Teacher for the New Age

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