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What to Do if the Diploma Is Not Written on Time?

The shortage of materials is a complex problem. A supervisor will help you solve it , who will give advice: where and what resources can be found, how to increase the volume through conclusions and analysis. Fear of protection is the “protective function” of the body. A diploma student must prepare a speech, get enough sleep, pull himself together. To calm down, you can invite your relatives or friends to this event, take a small dose of a sedative.

If the student does not have time to write the final work, then he will not be allowed to defend the project, which means that there is a big risk of joining the ranks of the "expelled".

First, you need to pull yourself together, do not panic. Go to your supervisor, to the department, to the dean's office and talk. Everywhere there are people who are ready to step in and help. Ask to review your project with another group or stream. So you can win a little time, but spend it wisely: write a paper yourself or contact qualified specialists, buy a ready-made study.

Please note that if you do not provide at least some work (even if it is completed with a “satisfactory” mark), then you will be expelled. Therefore, another not very good, but still option is to get the right to retake. As part of this method, you can go on sick leave, and then present the appropriate certificate from the medical institution to the dean's office. This will be the basis for a retake. The second way is to defend on the "deuce" and insist on a re-deal.

Some diploma students decide to bribe the curator or senior management of the university in order to delay the defense. Remember, this is an unsafe (corrupt) method. It does not give any guarantees and is punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

If the graduation project was not written and submitted to the commission on time, and you were expelled, then all is not lost. You can "recover" with in your last year. Of course, you will have to spend another 1 year on training, but then you will be able to write the final qualifying work and successfully defend yourself! Try to plan your day and not just waste time and energy. This approach will allow everything to be done on time and at the highest level.

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