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How to write well

What to do if writing isn't easy

Congratulations, then most likely you are not a graphomaniac. Only they, with shrieks of delight, can blot out ten pages in an hour with a stream of their consciousness and claim to have turned out brilliantly. Recipes for overcoming creative dullness:

Formulate the idea of the piece in one sentence. The idea of the article - this is one fresh idea that did not occur to the reader before, and which illuminated him after reading your work. Facts and details can be as many as you want, but together they must work for one final idea. If you pay someone to write my paper don't know what you want to say to the reader, don't start talking to them.

Decide on the genre and your role in the text. Is it a character portrait, a reportage, an essay, an analytical article, an investigation, a guide, a review, a criticism? Will you become Virgil in Hell, who will show the reader-Dante the most interesting places? Or will the text be a stand-up, where the topic turns out to be the raw material for your witty conclusions? Maybe the author write my capstone project isn't there at all, and it's a mini-lecture about facts. Or vice versa, your emotions will play a decisive role, you - a virtual reality helmet for the reader, his sensitive avatar. Decide from which face the story will go, the traditional third (Moses whispered), frank first (I saw) or Hemingway's second (you have no idea). It's better to consciously decide on the coordinates and move through the milestones than to put all your experiences into a file and stare at it, trying to clothe THIS into at least some genre.

Sketch out an outline of the material. Sketching a plan is not like building a high-rise, at any moment you can replace elements and play with their sequence. In the beginning it's not a plan, but a box of treasures (you only need enough raw materials for five materials). Toss out everything you have: direct speech from the participants, expert evaluations, your description of the atmosphere at the event site, background, figures, analogies of the event in reality/literature/film, archival documents, ideas for epigraphs, metaphors, illustrations. When there is a general idea of the material and the main idea of each element, the plan quickly comes together in the right sequence-from ignorance through facts to knowledge, from indifference through information and empathy to position, from boredom through entertainment to pleasure.

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