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How to maintain good vacuum cleaners - tips from experts!

The Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners will be a great assistant to make house-cleaning simpler and faster. These tips mentioned below to properly clean the vacuum cleaner at home will help increase the lifespan of the device.

Read the manual instructions carefully before using

The saying must be very familiar because you will find it in every product you buy. Why is it so important? Simply because every best vacuum brand will provide you with all the necessary information to help you understand the machine you own.

Regular cleaning

In order for the vacuum cleaner to always work well and durably, users need to properly maintain the device and clean it often to easily avoid damage and low work efficiency.

After using, you need to pour out all the dust but remember to avoid letting them spread out into the air. Then you remove the container, wash it and put it back in the machine.

In addition, the dust filter bag also needs to be washed and dried after each use so that the machine can maximize its working efficiency the next time.

Additional attachments such as crevice tool, vacuuming table, water suction table, hose, round brush,...also need attention. These tools are often the most susceptible to dirt, causing blockages when working.

Ensure the vacuum's safety

You only clean what your vacuum cleaner is allowed to suck in, especially for robot vacuums, because large debris will get stuck right at the brush and easily damage it.

Do not vacuum large objects such as: coins, large garbage, metal or glass shards... These can damage and clog suction pipes or worse, dust bags and containers.

Plus, if your vacuum cleaner has a warning not to be used outdoors and cannot absorb water, do not do the opposite!

Use different heads for the right areas

Each of top rated vacuum cleaners will have many attachments. You need to choose the appropriate nozzle for the cleaning position to ensure the machine works better and more efficiently.

Here are some types of suction heads which are commonly used:

  • Small carpet suction head: light and compact, for cleaning tables, chairs, beds, curtains, cabinets,...

  • Carpet floor suction head: for cleaning hardwood floors and carpets.

  • Slot suction head: to clean narrow overhead crevices, electronic devices, small nooks and crannies. It includes slit nozzles with stiff thread and a type without stiff thread.

Operate the machine if not used often

Engines that are not worked on a daily basis are prone to damage or problems. If you don't regularly use the vacuum cleaner, you still need to start it up once in a while.

In addition, remember to store the device in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or away from chemicals that can affect the device.

Re-check everything and watch out for strange signs

For example, the vacuum getting too hot and loud means that the motors are having problems (such as oil drying) and the cooling system is no longer working. If it smells then you're not washing the trash bag regularly or it's time to change a new one.

Final thoughts

Maintaining a good vacuum cleaner in top 10 vacuum cleaners does not take as much time as you think. For further questions, leave a comment right below to let us know.

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