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We are offering 2 Soul Radiance courses in September and November 2020 which will be hosted online.

Soul Radiance Through Shabad Guru 

Module 1: Dhan Dhan Raam Daas Gur

4 Saturdays - Sept 12 - October 3

Soul Radiance Through Shabad Guru 

Module 2: Meraa Man Lochai

4 Saturdays - Nov 7 - Dec 5

Level: All Levels - Beginners Welcome


In these intensives, taught by Snatam Kaur and her mother Prabhu Nam Kaur, each participant will have the opportunity to embody sacred sound as teacher or Shabad Guru. First we will release negativity to clear the energy of emotional patterns, then find internal healing, and finally open the channels of the body to experience the voice of the soul. When this voice is activated it not only sends healing energy throughout the body, but also allows the soul voice to be heard as the core vibration of one’s life. All thoughts, words, and actions can come from this beautiful voice. We will utilize the powerful technologies of Kundalini Yoga and Shabad Guru, a practice from the Sikh tradition to support the journey. We will also have the following support teachers: Sopurkh Singh for Kundalini Yoga and Sukhmani Kaur Rayat for rhythm.


These modules consist of 4 livestream sessions on Saturdays from 11am-3:30pm EST, with a 1 hour break. Each session will include a check-in with all participants.

In addition to the livestream sessions: the following written material will be provided:

• Study Guide: how to use the recorded and written material

• Shabad/Mantra words, meaning and musical notation

• Personal experiences and stories from Sikh history that relate to the Shabad/Mantra

• Shabad Guru Basic Knowledge Manual


The following recorded material will be also be provided:

• Shabad/Mantra Pronunciation, Rhythm Demonstration Video

• Mantra/Shabad Track

• Vocal warm ups with Snatam


Access to the recordings of the livestream sessions will be made available after each session.

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