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Oakland, CA - Snatam Kaur along with her parents Sat Santokh Singh and Prabhu Nam Kaur, and with her husband Sopurkh Singh will present a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training Course, taking place at the Mills College Campus from ​​October 26, 2019 through June 7, 2020.

Snatam Kaur is happy to be presenting this teacher training course in the San Francisco Bay Area for the first time with her family; a family that personifies what it is to lead a yogic and devotional life.


What this course includes:

In addition to the sharing of how to live, practice, and teach Kundalini Yoga, this course will give you in-depth experiences of Humanology, Sacred Mantra and Healing.


Humanology - A new word Yogi Bhajan created to encapsulate the practice of living as a realized being.

It is a huge subject area that includes:

• How to live in a meaningful, loving, and romantic partnership

• How to create the optimal circumstances for bringing a child into the world so they feel safe, secure and loved

• How and what to eat utilizing the depths of Ayurvedic wisdom

• How to sleep well and wake up consciously


Sacred Mantra - You will have the opportunity not only to learn the power and use of Sacred Mantras and to bathe in the Sound Current, but also how to open your voice to the flow of the Divine within yourself.


Healing the Wounds of Life - We want to become aware of and develop an ongoing connection with our higher selves. But we find that we are blocked by self-doubt and feeling not good enough. A portion of the May 17-22 retreat time will be devoted to help heal these wounds so that we can be more open to the flow of life’s abundance.


8 weekends from October 26, 2019 through June 7, 2020 in Oakland, CA

Plus a five-day retreat May 17-22 in Santa Cruz, CA

Learn more at: www.snatamkaur.com

Throughout the course I will share my love of family and how to live as a spiritual householder for the most uplifted and conscious approach to marriage, motherhood, family and work. 

Snatam Kaur

Contact Information:

Sopurkh Singh



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