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"In Snatam's voice...there is purity, clarity, and love."

- Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now



Snatam Kaur is a world-renowned, Grammy-nominated devotional singer, musician, teacher, and author, known for the stirring luminous quality of her voice and insightful teachings. In fall 2022, Snatam will begin to release singles from her upcoming album, Snatam Kaur Live in Concert Volume 2, recorded with audiences across America during her 2019 tour. In 2023, she will launch her Light of Sacred Chant Tour with spring concerts and new Becoming an Instrument of the Divine live workshops across Europe. In the fall, the tour will continue through the US, Canada, and Latin America. Performing with Snatam on Live in Concert Volume 2 and on the Light of Sacred Chant Tour are Ram Dass (piano and vocals), Grecco Buratto (guitar and vocals), and Sukhmani Rayat (percussion, tabla, and vocals).



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Love of Mantra Shines through in Snatam Kaur’s Akaal


Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 2.26.17 PM.png
'Making Space' with Hoda Kotb

Oprah tells Hoda she has three friends; here's what it's like to be one of them (and mentions Snatam Kaur)



New Hampshire's Snatam Kaur Takes The Stage At The Grammys



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Snatam Kaur: The Power of Sacred Chants To Heal a Broken World





Amar Sachdev
sound engineer/manager

Born in Jodhpur, India, and raised in the heart of San Francisco’s world music scene in Fairfax, California, Amar is a world music DJ, Sound Engineer, Event Producer & Coordinator. He is known for his Electric Vardo shows which brought a multi-cultural experience to San Francisco’s dance clubs featuring music, dance, culinary and visual art from the Middle East, South Asia, the Balkans, Latin America and beyond. He has hosted and collaborated with World Electronica music producers and DJs Cheb i Sabbah, Karsh Kale, Azam Ali, Delhi 2 Dublin, David Starfire, DJ Dragonfly, Beats Antique and many others.


Having grown up in a musical household, Amar spent much of his childhood going to his father’s concerts. During his pre-teen years, he took an interest in the technical aspects of sound. His father, taking notice of Amar’s interest, would ask for his feedback during sound checks. Not long after that, Amar started paying close attention to, and eventually working with the sound engineers and learning from them.


Fast forward to life after going to university and obtaining a degree in International Business & Marketing, and starting up his own business as a gallery/store owner selling art, world music and fair trade crafts where he began to host intimate in-store concerts, Amar went to working full time as a DJ and sound engineer. His love for music and ear for sound nuances made this an easy choice, and a successful one.


With a focus on Classical Indian music and Devotional Chant music, Amar has run sound for many world renown musicians including Ali Akbar Khan, G.S. Sachdev, Zakir Hussain, Swapan Chaudhuri, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal and Snatam Kaur. As an event producer, he has worked with the SF International World Music Festival hosting Sachdev and Zakir at Grace Cathedral, co-produced many events including the Tribal Caravan dance festival in LA, and large-scale club events in the Bay Area.


Amar has been working with Snatam Kaur as her sound engineer since 2017, and has now taken on the role of Tour Manager.

Grecco NS13-4327sq.jpg
Grecco Buratto

Grecco Buratto is a Brazilian-born artist by nature, musician and record producer by trade, and a yogi by destiny. He began playing guitar at the age of 8 and relocated to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute in 1995.


Since graduating, he has toured, performed and recorded with a long list of artists including k.d. lang, Shakira, Gwen Stefani, Enrique Iglesias, Mandy Moore, Leehom Wang, JJ Lin, Earth Wind & Fire, Sergio Mendes, BTS, Luis Fonsi, P!nk, Boyz II Men and Backstreet Boys.


Recent projects included a Live CD/DVD recording with Brazilian icon Roberto Carlos at Abbey Road Studios, k.d. lang’s Ingenue 25th Anniversary Tour, recording on the Latin Grammy Award Winner for Best Contemporary Tropical album Brazil305 by Gloria Estefan, select dates with American singer-songwriter LP and musical icon Lionel Ritchie.


Grecco has written music for the television shows Dawson’s Creek, Jack and Bobby, Everwood, and Brothers and Sisters, and has had a song placed in the feature film Last Vegas (co-written with Lucy Woodward and Grammy Award-winning songwriter Itaal Shur), and has recorded with film composers Gustavo Santaolalla, James Newton Howard, and Blake Neely for major motion picture soundtracks including Miami Vice, RV, First Daughter and Woman on Top.


Grecco speaks five languages and is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. He has taught internationally and at Yoga West L.A, where he began his journey in 2008 after experiencing an awakening of consciousness while on tour in the islands of Cape Verde. Under the guidance of Guru Singh, he became an avid student and practitioner of the technology, applying years of disciplined music training to his personal practice.