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Heartflow is the profoundly personal new album from celebrated devotional singer, Grammy-nominated recording artist, and gifted chant and meditation teacher Snatam Kaur. Recorded at El Desierto Casa Estudio in Mexico with bandmates Ram Dass, Grecco Buratto, and Sukhmani Rayat, Heartflow’s uplifting, organic style seamlessly brings together traditional kirtan music, spirit-raising anthems, folk-styled tunes, and deeply personal compositions. Heartflow has officially been released on April 12, 2024.  


After the pain and anguish of discovering her former  spiritual teacher’s fall from grace and extreme harm that he caused to many, the songs and chants on Heartflow became central to Snatam’s healing journey. Turning inward to seek her own true heartflow, Snatam found peace, joy, and connection to the divine, opening a path to trusting the teacher within. Along with her band, Heartflow features popular chant artist and violinist Jahnavi Harrison on “Tayraa Naam” and critically acclaimed vocalist Ganavya on “Naraayan-Peace.” Snatam invites everyone to tap into their own sacred heartflow at U.S. and European Heartflow tour dates and workshops, complementing the album.

Heartflow Album Credits

Snatam Kaur: Vocals, Harmonium, Acoustic Guitar

Sukhmani Rayat: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Tabla, Percussion

Grecco Buratto: Acoustic Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals, Electric Bass, Mandolin

Ram Dass Khalsa: Backing Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Nylon String Guitar, Clarinet, Synth Bass, Additional Percussion

Jahnavi Harrison: Vocals, Violin

Ganavya: Vocals

KJ Song: Backing Vocals

Richard Hinman: Pedal Steel


Edited, and Mixed by Ram Dass Khalsa 

Produced by Ram Dass Khalsa 

Recorded at El Desierto, Mexico City, MX

Recording Engineers (El Desierto): Daniel Betran Arizpe, JC Vertti, Rolando Alatorre

Recording Engineer (Siddha Sound): Ram Dass Khalsa

Recording Engineer (Women’s Audio Mission): Heidi Trefethen

El Desierto Studio Coordinator: Gabriela Sandoval

Mastered by: Juan Garcia


Written by: 

For Walkin’ Snatam Kaur Khalsa, Ram Dass Khalsa, Grecco Buratto, Sukhmani Rayat

For Runnin’ Snatam Kaur Khalsa, Ram Dass Khalsa, Sukhmani Rayat

For Tayraa Naam Snatam Kaur Khalsa

Light of the Naam Publishing


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