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Soul Bird

I’m so excited to share our new album that I made with my mother Prabhu Nam Kaur. This is a very traditional Kirtan album, in the Sikh style of music that I grew up with, where many of the pieces are Shabads, or sacred poems put to music.  


The Shabads on this album have served as my personal medicine throughout my life, through hours and hours of singing them. In times of trouble; I received deep  solace and healing. In times of joy, I felt my heart blossom, and my soul felt a deep nourishment and satisfaction. 


Some of the tunes I wrote, some my mother wrote. We have shared each other’s tunes, each one of us taking the compositions into our hearts and bringing them to life in our consciousness.   Sometimes we would alter a tune we picked up from the other.  During the course of making this album, this brought some good laughs as we realized this. Each Shabad composition on this album is an amalgamation of the experience of sharing them within our community spaces, and our personal practice with each Shabad over the last 35 years.

Soul Bird Album Credits

Snatam Kaur: Vocals, Harmonium

Prabhu Nam Kaur: Vocals, Harmonium

Sukhmani Rayat: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Tabla, Percussion

Ram Dass Khalsa: Backing Vocals, Nylon String Guitar

Manish Vyas: Santoor

Jap Preet Kaur: vocals

Sopurkh Singh: vocals

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ram Dass Khalsa

Produced by Snatam Kaur and Ram Dass Khalsa

Graphic Design by Sukhmani Rayat

Photography by Karin Shimoyama

Written by: Snatam Kaur and Prabhu Nam Kaur

Lyric Video by Calvin West (calvinwest.com)

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Nirankaar Album Credits
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