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Beyond Polarity

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I would like to raise my voice in this critical time of our election process, as a spiritual woman, a mother, a wife, an environmental activist, and a musician. I am more than this, and none of this. As spirit moves, we each are beings of light. I intend to speak in total reverence and respect for all life and for all perspectives.

This presidential election has brought forth intense emotions for me and many of us. I am deeply concerned about global climate change. Perhaps this is because I have seen places in this world where businesses have gone unchecked, where people can no longer drink the water or breathe the air. Without natural resources and quality of life for human beings, businesses can't thrive or even survive for anyone. We are all not that far away from this kind of world in our current trajectory. I pray that this issue moves above and beyond party lines - quickly enough that we can all do something about it.

My voice will continue on, no matter who is president. I vow to stay vocal and active, to do my part to bring forth environmental awareness in our country, to inspire a government that is not controlled by money, and to elect leaders who have respect for all people, all faiths, and all genders. I accept the outcome, whatever it may be. It is in fact a reflection of our collective consciousness, and will help to shape us as beings of light to live in our truth.

It has been challenging to realize that there is a good portion of the country that has completely different views and priorities. This has brought about a great amount of fear, hatred, and anger within me. I recognize this.

Instead of allowing these emotions to take over I choose another path. Through this process, I have come to realize that when we are entangled in these kind of emotions we tend to only increase the polarity between us. I believe that in this time when everyone knows everything about everybody, we are being asked to rise above the fray, deepen in to our center, and reach out to each other from a place of strength. We’ve got to begin the discussions across party lines, political views, and religious stands - each coming from our center. I feel that this is the way for us as a country to find our collective victory.

With my soul, reaching out to God, I proclaim at the top of my lungs from the heights of the tallest mountains and the depths of the deepest oceans,

"Fear, hate and polarity cannot take me into their grasp!"

We will be ok.

In fact we will be great. And not the “great” of our past, but that of our collective future.

We can do this folks.

Please meditate, find your center, and vote.



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